So you’ve decided that the MMS program is perfect for you and now you’re trying to decide where to live. Well, you’ve come to just the right place! I’ll be giving you the ultimate insider information about the places you’ve been Googling, but still aren’t quite sure about living in for 9 months. Where do most of the MMS students end up living? Which apartments are the safest? Which apartments are closest to the nightlife? Read on …

West Village

The West Village apartments are in prime location in respect to Durham’s nightlife. It’s just a couple steps away from Shooters II Saloon and right next to Brightleaf Square. Convenient? Yes. You’ll be able to get your dance on or enjoy a delicious dinner from the array of restaurants nearby. The buildings used to be tobacco warehouses a long time ago. The apartments have high ceilings and wooden columns, which gives them a rustic and hipster feel. West Village offers apartment options ranging from studios to 4-bedroom apartments. They’re on the slightly pricier side, but it might be worth it to be so close to all the dining and nightlife options. It’s a little further away from Fuqua and West Campus, but only about a 5-10 min drive away. There is also a pool to enjoy on those extra warm sunny days.

The Belmont

The Belmont is definitely where A LOT of Dukies live; both undergrad and grad students. These are more traditional style apartments compared to West Village. It is located within walking distance from Duke, but there are also buses that stop nearby and go to campus. If you want to hit up the grocery store or grab some food on the way back home, Kroger and several dining options are close by. The Belmont has both one-bedroom and two-bedroom options available.

Partner’s Place Condominiums

Partner’s Place is known as a party apartment complex as on most weekends you will find loud music and multiple parties throughout. It is more of an undergrad area, as many juniors and seniors tend to live at Partners. It is about half a mile away from Duke’s medical/research campus. There are 3 bedroom options available. The one downside I have about this housing option is that the parking spaces are incredibly tight.

Lofts at Lakeview Apartments

Plenty of MMS-ers lived at the Lofts this year, which has made it a convenient location to host parties and gatherings. We’ve had pool parties, Victoria’s Secret fashion show viewings, and Chinese New Year celebrations at the Loft. This apartment complex offers both one- and two-bedroom options. It is conveniently located next to Chipotle, TGIF, and many other restaurants so you will never run out of food options if you live here.

Trinity Commons

Trinity Commons is pretty much in the same vicinity as the Lofts, so if you choose to live here, you have the same access to all the dining options. They offer both one-bedroom and two-bedroom options. Trinity Commons prides itself on its commitment to being eco-friendly.

Erwin Terrace

It’s conveniently located right next to LoYo, so if you’re a frozen yogurt fan, you may want to consider living here. Erwin Terrace offers two-bedroom options. It is located within walking distance from campus, but there are also busing options available.

Station 9

Many of Fuqua’s MBA students live at Station 9, but I only know of a couple MMS-ers who lived here this year. It is conveniently located right across from Ninth Street and is a quick drive to campus. Station 9 offers both one- and two-bedroom options.

Erwin Mill

The Erwin Mill apartments have a warehouse feel, similar to that of West Village. These apartments are pretty much in the same area as Station 9, so all of the Ninth Street offerings are just a quick walk away. More undergrads tend to live here, and it has been know to be a party area.

The Parc at University Tower

The Parc has been my own home for this past year. It is conveniently located right across from a Target. It may be a bit more removed than the other apartment options I’ve listed, but it only takes a five minute drive to get to Fuqua. Rent and utilities are affordable compared to some of the other options. With it being a gated community, I feel safe living at the Parc. There are one-, two-, and three-bedroom options available. There is also a nice pool area, so when it gets nice out, I love spending some time by the poolside.