Why Duke? Why Fuqua? Why MMS? From the admissions process to conversations with employers, family, or friends, be sure to truly take the time to reflect on these questions. They are asked time and time again, so be ready to respond in a memorable way!

A great way of addressing these questions is with specific reasons that are unique to you, your goals, your passions, and how you see the MMS program fitting into your personal story. With some self-reflection, these questions will be a breeze to answer!

So, why did I personally choose Fuqua? For me, the MMS: Foundations of Business program fits with my story, passions, personality, and ambitions.

Why Team Fuqua

Coming from a social science background, I wanted to gain the essential business fundamentals needed to make a difference in a meaningful health-related career. Although my previous experiences in hospital settings and with Teach For America reinforced my interest in working directly with people, I wanted something more. I wanted to efficiently solve intricate problems, create sustainable solutions, and ultimately, leave behind my mark.

Making a difference was, and continues to be, the center of my aspirations. I often thought: “Why not broaden my horizons and strive to find other routes to make an impact?” I didn’t want to pursue a journey that only possessed a single route, but one that provided endless pathways for opportunities, learning, and growth. With that said, the answer was simple in terms of choosing a program and school — the answer was Team Fuqua!

Not only does Fuqua embrace diversity in all aspects, it also promotes community and teamwork. Moreover, Fuqua gives you ample opportunity to embrace these aspects, while also teaching you a great deal about yourself along the way. This was so important to me when deciding on the next chapter of my life.

The Journey Just Began

So far, the MMS: FOB program has been an incredible journey. My interests and passions have been confirmed, shaped, and even changed. Opportunities are appearing left and right, which are helping me to further discover what I am truly passionate about! More so, these opportunities have allowed me to get involved, experiment, and leave an impact on the Fuqua community. I’ve had the opportunity to engage with MBA students in healthcare, Net Impact, and running and triathlon clubs. Each and every day, I am learning more and more about myself.

For me, these endless opportunities have come at the perfect time to further develop my passions and pick up new ones. In a way, MMS provides the framework for self-discovery, while preparing me to be an incredible asset in healthcare, my targeted industry. Here at Team Fuqua, the sky’s the limit!