The Fox Center is in full action, and Fuqua is getting busier as the days go by. It seems like the school year just started, except that we are already almost done with our second term as MMSers. I started the program in early July with the helpful Math Review, and can’t believe the months have already started to fly by!

We have had the great opportunity to get to know everyone in our section (there are 2 sections this year – the Blue and the White section). Though there is some friendly competition between the sections, we also socialize across sections and have become familiar with our entire cohort of more than 100 students. We’ve had several social events, such as tailgating for a field hockey game to support our classmates, where we can unite together as one.

There are many reasons why Fuqua and the MMS: FOB program may be the best choice for you, but I came specifically to Fuqua to gain the network it has to offer. It would be a shame not to take advantage of the benefits that come along with being a part of Team Fuqua. With every Friday being a Fuqua Friday, the opportunity to network and expand my connections is provided weekly, along with some great food!

In addition to connecting with current Fuqua students, I’ve already had the opportunity to network and interact with Fuqua and Duke alumni by attending a Duke Global Entrepreneurship Network (DukeGEN) event. This event was held at the American Underground office in downtown Durham, where a few Duke alumni spoke about their entrepreneurship goals, and the journey they have embarked on in creating their own business. I met and mingled with a variety of professionals, and learned more about their goals, and how they have achieved them. Being from the Silicon Valley, I have had great exposure to the startup space, and was glad to know there are events in Durham and mentors that exist to help entrepreneurs and innovators in making their ideas a reality. This is just one example of the many networking events that will take place not just during the school year, but also throughout your life as a Fuquan!

There are going to be so many networking events, so it’s best to practice and perfect that elevator pitch that is sitting in your mind! Networking is a major part of the MMS experience, so it’s important to embrace it, just as I have. Though it may be intimidating initially, the MMS program is a great place to start with getting out of your comfort zone. You’ll have a team of supporters who are rooting for your success, so don’t shy away. I’ve just started networking and am enjoying meeting the great variety of people that are in this town. You never know who you will meet, and where your new relationships will take you.