From the Court to the Classroom: The “Fist” Team Analogy

If you ask me, North Carolina is home to the best college basketball in the world. I grew up on the folklore of Tobacco Road, and for those unfamiliar with North Carolina, Tobacco Road is not so much a geographical location as it is a basketball asylum — the one place in the South where the hardwood sport, basketball, reigns supreme. It is the home of historic programs at Duke, North Carolina, N.C. State, and Wake Forest; of legendary coaches such as Dean Smith, Jim Valvano, and Mike Krzyzewski; of unforgettable players from David Thompson to Christian Laettner to Tim Duncan to Michael Jordan. Basketball is more than just a game in this state. It’s a metaphor for life — how to lead, how to succeed, and how to be a part of a team.

Team Changeover

MMS students participating in the Duke Basketball Experience
MMS students learn valuable principles of teamwork from the Duke basketball coaching staff.

No one personifies the culture of Tobacco Road better than Duke basketball coach, Mike Krzyzewski. That is why every year, MMS: FOB students are given an opportunity to participate in a Duke basketball mini-camp as part of the MMS Team Changeover. Students are assigned to teams at the beginning of the MMS program and then are reassigned to new teams at the beginning of Fall Term 2. This “Team Changeover” is bittersweet. Over the course of the first two terms, your teammates become your extended family and it is difficult to say goodbye. At the same time, you gain a new team and section, offering an opportunity to work with 4 – 5 different classmates. Teams are created to complete assignments, study, network, and socialize. It’s a critical component of Team Fuqua.

The Team Changeover not only allows new team members to bond on the court and experience the tradition of Duke basketball, but also teaches valuable principles that can be carried from the basketball court into the classroom and out into the real world. As I left the camp, I reflected little on perfecting my jump shot, but instead on Coach K’s analogy of the “fist” and his 5 principles of teamwork.

The “Fist”

Coach K uses the analogy of a “fist” to explain effective teamwork. Each finger represents a member of the team. To make the greatest impact, each member of the team must come together like a fist, unified in mind and body. If goals are not aligned, teamwork fails and so does the ability to achieve your objective. It’s analogous to extending a single finger as you strike a brick wall. The result is a broken finger and a shot to your ego.

MMS students participating in the Duke Basketball Experience
Teams learn the value of collective responsibility during defense drills at the Duke Basketball Experience.

Coach Krzyzewski emphasizes 5 words for his teams: communication, trust, collective responsibility, care, and pride. The emphasis is on the power of these words and combining them in a manner that creates unity, which in turn creates victory.

Tim Patron

MMS: FOB, Class of 2014

I grew up just minutes from Duke's campus and came to Fuqua to gain applied business knowledge that will supplement my marketing and communications background. I'm a UNC-Chapel Hill grad, but I'll try to keep my Tar Heel love to a minimum.

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