Participating in the MMS: DKU program has given me an enriching and rewarding experience both inside and outside of the classroom. We were on campus in Kunshan leading up to the Chinese New Year, or Spring Festival as it is sometimes called, and because many of my classmates and I stayed in and around China during the holiday we gained a first-hand look into many historic elements of the culture. In a world that is becoming more connected at an ever-increasing rate, I find it helpful to take steps toward understanding different cultures and practices from around the world.

Upon graduation, I am set to enter the work force at a multinational company with a large presence in China. I believe that the culturally significant experiences that I have enjoyed will help me to more easily relate to and understand my coworkers from other nations and backgrounds. In addition to the personal development that I experienced through witnessing and participating in Spring Festival in China, the break for vacation with my family after an intense school term was timely and necessary. Check out the video to see more!

Watch the video on YouTube below or on Youku by clicking here.