One of the most valuable pieces of our education in the MMS: DKU program is the real-world learning opportunities and hands-on experience that it provides us. Studying in one of the largest trade regions in the world provides unique learning environments that help us all to understand the material we are studying on a level much deeper than what we could achieve in the classroom alone.

Throughout our time in the Kunshan and Shanghai area, we have had the opportunity to visit a number of large, multinational companies—including Ant Financial (owned by Alibaba), Konka and Tesla—with privileged access to their facilities and offices. These experiences were always educational when measured by the business principles that we could see in action. However, even more valuable in my opinion was the first-hand exposure to the global culture that prevails in business these days.

Interacting with business executives from all over the world is a prime opportunity to develop meaningful connections and to begin the transition from a student to a professional. Our capstone projects included 6-week consulting projects for large firms in the region, Bosch as an example, which I believe will prepare us for the professional landscape as few other opportunities could.

Beyond the experiential business learning we enjoy, we are granted the privilege to visit many cultural and historical locations that are important for China and the rest of the world, which helps to enrich and deepen our experience as a whole. Check out the video to see more!

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