Recently, a lot of people have asked me what I’ve been up to this year and what the MMS program is like. I normally start by telling them what classes I’m in and do a small dive into the latest strategy analysis framework or how to make the best decision tree. But to non-business-loving people, sometimes Porter’s Five Forces don’t quite describe my year well enough. During interviews, I tell my interviewer that MMS is an immersive 10-month program designed to teach the fundamentals of business to recent graduates using case studies, presentations, and a great deal of collaborative teamwork.

But somehow, it just feels like even that doesn’t do it justice. I want people to really get a feel for what MMS is like. So what about describing MMS in GIFs? They say a picture is worth 1,000 words (follow us on Instagram @fuquamms), but how many is a GIF worth?

That feeling when you meet your study team for the first time

friends celebrating, MMS program described


When you try to make jeans and sandals work for business casual attire

tuck my shirt in? that's a dealbreaker, MMS program described


When you take your FuquaWorld student photos

an actress posing for a glamorous selfie, MMS program described


That feeling when the halls are suddenly crowded with 900-plus MBAs after having Fuqua to yourselves for a month

"Who are you people?" MMS program described


That feeling when you pull into the Science Drive Garage to park at 8:50 a.m. for your 9:00 a.m. class

driving frantically, MMS program described


When you see free pizza at your first meeting of the week

yummy food, MMS program described


When you see pizza at your meeting for the fifth time in two days

ew, gross, MMS program described


When it’s presentation day and you and your team are dressed up in your finest business formal attire

a couple with arms locked, MMS program described


When the professor uses the random cold call tool and you’re selected to give an answer

nervous day in class, MMS program described


When you get an email about picking up your coursepacks for next term as you’re studying for this term’s finals

no, too soon, MMS program described


When you made it through the week and it’s finally time for Fuqua Friday

friends toasting each other, MMS program described


When you realize what it means to be part of the #FuquaFamily

friends and family toasting one another, MMS program described


When you finally realize everything is going to be just fine

tennis champion rejoices, MMS program described