Life is a balancing act, and perhaps business school recruiting season is one of the most challenging times to manage academic work, the job search, social life, and personal responsibilities. One of the benefits of being an MMS student is understanding that you’re not alone—you’re surrounded by a cohort of intelligent students experiencing the same type of stress. And one healthy way to cope with stress is to go on a hike with friends!

One fond memory I have from the fall is when some of my MMS: DKU classmates and I took a trip to Hanging Rock State Park. It’s about two hours from Durham, north of Winston-Salem in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Our trip began on Sunday morning at Sarah’s apartment as the central meeting point, and from there we all made the drive to the site.

As a city gal, it was wonderful and breathtaking to witness the expansive amount of undeveloped land and endless stretches of roads. I even saw a herd of cattle, which is a foreign sight to me. Growing up in New York City, I’ve become accustomed to the concrete jungle and its sounds of fire truck sirens and taxis honking viciously at one another—and this was a relaxing change of pace from all that noise. 

Once we arrived, we briskly began to hike the trail. The fresh fall air, luscious green leaves, and vibrant blue skies were all indicators that this was going to be an awesome experience. My classmates and I were all relaxed and struck by the beautiful view at the top of the mountain. There I stood, with a bird’s eye view upon a sturdy mountain surrounded by the kindest, most driven and warmest people I’ve ever met. I also realized that academics shouldn’t consume one’s entire life. It should be a balancing act between enjoying the precious moments you’re able to spend with each other during the short duration of the program and working hard to learn as much as you can!  

a dozen students on a seesaw during one of their weekend excursions to Hanging Rock State Park.