I chose Fuqua’s Master of Management Studies: Duke Kunshan University (MMS: DKU) program for its team-emphasis culture. I really feel the bonding here. So, given the opportunity to reflect on my time, here is what Team Fuqua means to me.

Team Bonded Arrangement

The classes here, especially in the first term, will emphasize team cooperation. You probably will spend a lot of time with your team – sometimes for team assignments and sometimes just for fun. It’s really amazing to have support from friends, that are teammates in both learning and living, especially for international students. I never thought I could have friends with such diverse backgrounds. I will always be grateful for having met my teammates and classmates. They are just so nice!

And of course, besides classmates, you can also get to know students from other programs through networking or campus activities through one magic slogan: Team Fuqua!

The words "Team" and  "Fuqua" spelled out in the sand; What Team Fuqua Means

Alumni Community

The strong alumni connection is largely related to the insider team culture that is felt throughout the program. It is rather easy to find Fuqua alumni through LinkedIn or Fuqua’s alumni directory website. Fuqua’s alumni team has supported this connection between students and alumni by hosting events and programs where you can reach out to alumni from all walks of life. Guest speakers, learning sponsors, recruiters and even caring career advisors – alumni play a huge part in all these roles, and they also encourage more recent students/graduates to take on these roles. 

Supporting Mechanism

The support starts with the MMS: DKU program team as well as the MMS Fellows. They all try to make your stay here delightful and meaningful. They not only care about your feedback towards classes, professors and campus activities, but they will also surprise you with little rewards after quizzes or exams, and organize activities like BBQ night, speed networking and so on.

I enjoy my life here at Fuqua! Hopefully, you will feel the same one day!

Four students, standing arm in arm; What Team Fuqua Means
Me (far left) with my teammates at BBQ night, July 2021