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Alistar Erickson-Ludwig, a member of Duke Fuqua's MQM program team

I’m currently assistant director of MQM, and prior to that I served as assistant director of MMS. These roles focus on a broad range of activities that support student life and culture for students! Assistant directors help plan some major events such as orientation, the Duke Basketball Experience, our Cookies & Cocoa holiday party, and graduation. I advise student clubs (marketing, consulting, investment, and finance) and interface with the elected class leaders. Along with the program director, I meet regularly with students in the program to discuss academic and career goals as well as service opportunities, leadership experiences, and social events.

Prior to working at Fuqua, I spent a little more than four years working at Drexel University in Philadelphia where I ran a leadership program for undergraduate engineering students and supported outreach programs for youth in the community. Prior to that, I was a graduate student at Duke in the Nicholas School of the Environment.

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