I’m a current Global Executive MBA Class of 2022 student currently based out of Reno, Nevada and in the process of a cross country relocation back to Virginia; a very common life event for those of us in the program. I’m a born and bred east-coaster, raised between New Jersey and Northern Virginia before venturing off to the Midwest for undergrad. Prior to Duke, I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering and a double minor in Organizational Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Since my years at Purdue, I’ve been lucky enough to have rotated through roles in corporate and manufacturing supply chain, capital project management, and quality control/assurance. I am currently the Quality Manager at Trex’s west coast manufacturing plant.

I chose Fuqua because of the Team Fuqua culture. It’s real and an amazing learning environment to be a part of. Being relatively “early on” in my career compared to some of my peers in the program, I also chose Fuqua because of the diversity of experiences, backgrounds, and skillsets that  the cohort brings. It’s been eye opening to hear how people rose to the top of their organizations and worked all over the world.

In addition to my studies, I currently serve as a Forte Foundation Ambassador and Fellow and I lead the Global Executive MBA ’22 chapter of the Association of Women in Business as well as the Cross Continental Cuisine and Spirits Club.