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How To Survive Family Life During an EMBA

June 18, 2019

Jamie, his wife and two small kids posing for a family portrait; family life

Any EMBA program will put a strain on your family and relationship with your partner. But is it possible to mitigate the strain, and is it worth it

4 Things to Know Before Starting the First Term

January 18, 2019

five students pointing at a team room computer screen during the first term residency

After months of waiting, chatting with future classmates via Slack, and MBA Math-ing to prepare for the coursework, beginning of the first term finally arrived! Orientation and the first residency in Durham was a remarkable…

Time Management and Prioritization at the Residencies

September 11, 2015

Running toward the India Gate in Delhi, Time Management and Prioritization at the Residencies

This blog was written by a Cross Continent MBA student prior to the program’s merger with the Global Executive MBA program.  The 10 or more days spent at a Cross Continent residency are fun,…