Do you love sports? Are looking to have fun? Intramural sports is something you can get involved in right away as a student at Duke.

The university’s athletics program is world-class, but you don’t have to be to play intramurals. It’s a fun way to enjoy the sports you love and get to know your classmates. Year round, Duke has various sports leagues dedicated to all students who want to join in the competitive action and possibly win an intramural league champions T-shirt.

For most of my life, I played competitive basketball, tennis, and volleyball. Still, to this day I try to keep up with those sports. Going back to school, I knew I wanted to take the time to bond with my classmates and, more importantly, have fun with them. Some of my greatest memories back in my undergraduate days were playing intramural sports—any sport—and Duke intramurals have been no different.

I think all sports are great and they are all alike. I don’t mean the different skills such as using a tennis racquet or throwing a football are the same, rather what playing each sports means. The elements of competition, fun, exercise, socialization, and relaxation are universal across sports, and those are the reasons why you should play.

Why Competition?

It’s easily the best way to drive you closer to your teammates and MQM: BA peers. Like I learned in the Critical Thinking and Collaboration class, nothing brings a group of people together like the unified goal of trying to defeat a common enemy and sharing in the same success.

Why Fun? 

Win or lose, you will have fun. Studying and endless group projects can fill your time at Fuqua, but intramural sports can help you get your face out of your computer. Intramural sports is a great way to have fun with your classmates or peers at Fuqua.

Why Exercise?

You should be exercising for at least 150 minutes a week. Intramurals sports can help you fill those hours without much thought. What would you rather complete, 30 minutes of playing flag football with friends or 30 minutes alone on a treadmill?

Why Socialization?

Whether you created your team from friends or do not know anyone on it, competition will drive you all closer. The sweat, blood, and tears will be recognized by your teammates and the weekly games will all bring you all closer. These games will allow you to create memorable Fuqua experiences that will last a lifetime.

Why Relaxation?

There is so much stress during the MQM: BA program—classes, networking, and looking for jobs. There is rarely an opportunity in which you have to drop everything you are doing in your regular life so that you can concentrate on beating the other team. Imagine being able to let go of everything, it is an awesome feeling!

Incoming students, be on the lookout and check Duke’s website for intramurals because signups come quick, especially with the busy schedule at Fuqua. In the fall, teams play table tennis, flag football, Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, and soccer. Spring intramurals include softball, basketball, soccer, kickball, and dodgeball. Games are typically played weekdays and Sundays after 5:30 p.m.

Get out there, find some teammates, and play!