a glass of champagne sitting on a desk beside a laptop showing Dean Bill Boulding; graduation during the pandemic Reflections on Graduating During the Pandemic February 3, 2021 - - Graduating during the pandemic after completing my master’s degree from my bedroom was certainly not how I pictured my final moments in the MQM program. However, those last few months brought forth a unique learning experience. ...Read More


students walking in a single file line for a team building exercise; how to approach the 25 Random Things essay Examples of How to Approach the 25 Random Things Essay December 28, 2020 - - The MQM application can appear to be a very challenging task at first. But with a little help from this blog, hopefully you'll be off to a great start.
two students at a desk with laptops; MMS application guidance Here’s What Admissions Wants to See in Your MQM Application November 17, 2020 - - You want to make the most of your application so that you can join Team Fuqua, and I’m here to help guide you on how. First things first, it’s important to realize that Fuqua takes a very holistic approach to its admissions process.
five students in a Zoom gallery, celebrating their capstone project work Completing Our Capstone Project Virtually October 9, 2020 - - We were at Harry’s Breakfast Pancakes in Myrtle Beach eating, when one of us read the news about Harvard moving virtual for the rest of its term because of the COVID-19 outbreak in...
Jane and her two teammates holding up their giant check from the data challenge A Data Challenge from Adobe and Major League Baseball August 4, 2020 - - Last fall, I had the absolute honor of representing Fuqua and Duke as a finalist in the Adobe Analytics Challenge. I was flown out to Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose, California, to present our big ideas in front of a panel of judges and a live audience.
7 students posing for a photo; where do MQM students live? Where Do MQM Students Live? July 13, 2020 - - Signing a lease for an apartment without seeing it, in a city you have never lived might sound like a daunting task and let me be honest with you, it is. So, here is the brief version of how I ended up staying where I did.