In the middle of the first term, all students are invited to attend a student involvement session. At this event, students learn about leadership opportunities. One popular opportunity is to serve as a student leader of the class in the MQM Association (MQMA) which is an integral part of the program experience.

Getting involved entails a written application and sometimes a speech. The MQM class will then vote on candidates. About a week later, the MQMA is formed! Each year we have approximately 10 members of the MQMA, all of whom are students. The typical roles are president, student engagement chair, communications chair, treasurer, wellness chair, service chair, and a track chair for each of the four academic tracks.

This group meets at least once a week and takes the lead on approximately six to eight events per term. Track chairs may host alumni webinars or social events such as paintball. The wellness chair may bring in therapy dogs or host guided meditation. The student engagement chair leads the coordination of the winter and spring dances. Collectively, the board is the voice of the class and in this role, plans relevant activities for all students, shares feedback with instructors, and engages with program administrators.

Being a student leader in the MQMA is an enormous responsibility and a significant time commitment. It can be difficult to have a meaningful connection with every student in the program but that is a necessary aspect of the role. Outside of weekly meetings, leaders must work on their own to write the weekly student newsletter, contact venues for events, coordinate catering, speak to instructors, and poll their classmates. Class leaders must have the utmost integrity and fully embody the collaborative spirit of Team Fuqua. At times, this role may be difficult but it is also exceptionally rewarding.  

Outside of MQMA, students may apply for positions with the Global Marketing department or the Office of Admissions. There are opportunities with the Career Management Center and the Development and Alumni Relations office too. Some Daytime MBA clubs are open to MQM students especially those that focus on diversity and activities like public speaking or improv. Within MBA clubs, MQM students may have the opportunity to take an elevated role and represent their class as an MQM liaison. Outside of Fuqua, leadership positions exist through the Graduate and Professional Student Council and through Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators.

In general, students do not need a formal leadership role to propose events or hone their leadership skills. Any member of our program team will support students on initiatives that are particularly meaningful to them. This could include organizing a group to see a musical performance at the Durham Performing Arts Center or seeing the Carolina Hurricanes play hockey. It could include forming a group of students interested in a mock investment challenge or teaching their classmates about machine learning. The possibilities are endless and we always enjoy helping students get involved at Fuqua!