Since this blog was written, the Forensics track was redesigned and the track name was changed to Risk.

Growing up, I’ve always enjoyed math, specifically finding patterns in data. While I enjoyed math, I realized in undergrad that I wasn’t excited by the traditional, math-heavy fields, like engineering. I hadn’t considered a career in business but found Fuqua’s Master of Quantitative Management: Business Analytics (MQM) program and thought that it would be a good fit. I was impressed by the reputation of Fuqua and had spoken to faculty and staff who spoke highly of the school and the program.

After deciding to apply, I was faced with the dilemma of choosing which track would be the best fit for me. As someone without a background in business, I didn’t have much knowledge about what each different track would entail. But as I read about the MQM Forensics track, I was immediately drawn to it, as a good way to apply my interest in data analytics in a growing career field.

Finding patterns and abnormalities in both analytical data and human behavior at the individual and small group level in order to detect potential fraud seemed interesting to me and was a good balance of my interests.

Now that I’ve completed three terms, I definitely do not regret my choice. I’ve learned a great deal about accounting, analytics, and detecting fraud cases in my track courses, and have met many great people along the way. I am glad I chose this program and this track and am optimistic about future career opportunities I will have thanks to the education I have received at Fuqua.