MQM students have headed back to campus to start the spring term! Every week in this program is different but here’s a look at what a typical week looks like for me.


Normally, I start my mornings off with some meditation and yoga. I try to stay away from any devices like phones for an hour. I love drinking tea, so I have a few cups with breakfast as I scroll through the news headlines for the day and respond to emails and messages. My roommate has a sweet dog named Kempu, so the mornings are also playtime with her. On Mondays, I make a list of tasks for the week with items that are must-dos and wish list items that are nice to get to if I have time. I do a bit of schoolwork before I take the shuttle or walk to campus. In between classes, I eat lunch with classmates at Fuqua’s Fox Center which is a great break to catch up and see friends from other sections that are not in the same class as me. After class, I typically focus on assignments on campus either in one of Fuqua’s many team rooms or Ford Library and chat with my team about upcoming deliverables for class projects.

Once the sun sets, I usually work out on campus or at home, make dinner, and put on a TV show or music in the background. I try to dedicate around 30 minutes to an hour every other day to career exploration and coding practice since I’m new to this field. This isn’t a disciplined practice, but I think that carving out small chunks of time to work on these two areas helps me stay on track with long-term goals. Monday evenings I have an executive board meeting for the graduate student club I participate in called Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators, or DISI. Afterward, I wrap up the day by calling my family and friends before heading to bed.


Tuesday, I rinse and repeat. Our schedules are built so we usually have three classes every term, each meeting twice a week. Monday’s schedule is the same as Thursday’s, and Tuesday’s schedule is the same as Friday’s. One of those sets of days usually has back-to-back classes, and Wednesdays we have off.

Classes are a mixture of lectures, hands-on work, discussions, and more, so I look forward to the new content we learn each week. These nights are a great time to get together with friends since most Fuqua students don’t have class on Wednesdays. I try to save the evening to do something with friends or relax.


Since we don’t have class on Wednesdays, I head to a coffee shop and spend the day completing school assignments and spending time on my career search. This is the perfect time to have coffee chats with alumni or just research industries I want to learn more about. I also brainstorm or execute activity and event ideas for our MQM classmates as I serve on the MQM Association (MQMA) student leadership group as the Wellness Chair.


After attending class on Thursday, I participate in our weekly MQMA meetings during lunch. I check in on the progress of my to-do list and I normally end up chatting with prospective applicants interested in the MQM program as I also serve as an admissions ambassador. I love these conversations and the chance to support individuals on their application journey.


As a way to wind down for the end of the week, MQMA or Fuqua clubs often host events like “make your own terrarium” or “bingo night” during Friday afternoons which is fun to attend with classmates. After class, we head to Fox Center for Fuqua Friday where we grab dinner and drinks.

Saturday and Sunday

Friday nights and weekends are dedicated to exploring more of Duke, Durham, and North Carolina with friends. Sundays are perfect to relax and tie up loose ends like grocery shopping, meal prepping, finishing up any housework, catching up on assignments, and looking at the week to come.

eight women posing in a photo booth with winter holiday vibes
Fuqua Winter Fest 2022 with a few of my favorite people from MQM