My data analytics aspirations formed well before I joined the MQM program at Fuqua. I was inspired to pursue an analytics degree after a summer internship with Rolls Royce. For the first time, I realized that I could have a career that I enjoyed just as much as a hobby. When the time came to accept a job offer after graduation, I evaluated those opportunities by the impact I could make. I landed at the startup Fox Robotics as a data analyst and was promoted to business intelligence analyst months later.

Being a Business Intelligence Analyst

I work with several different teams across the company, including autonomy, manufacturing, customer success, and several others. As a business intelligence analyst, my goal is to empower teams across Fox Robotics to make decisions on the fly rather than having to create single-use Excel documents. This requires data engineering and creating dashboards for internal and external reporting. Each team has a different priority, and by being able to understand the data I help bring to life, they can fix things like robotic design flaws or coding errors. This differs from my role as a data analyst, where I was more involved with talking to customers about robot performance.

Working at a startup has taught me that priorities can shift in an instant. My way of managing it all is to master the art of prioritization—putting customer needs above everything. For me, it was about creating a system to be successful in a role as cross-functional as mine and having a sense of judgment to understand the urgency of the many requests that come our way.

Sharing My Career Journey

I am happy I ended up with Fox Robotics because its office culture reminds me of Team Fuqua. The startup environment was definitely the right fit, especially because there is still so much more room to grow.

I shared where I hope my career goes from here with Fuqua’s Admissions team in a recent interview. You can watch that conversation here: