At Fuqua, the essence of the MQM program extends far beyond the classroom. When we talk about the time commitment it demands, we’re not just referring to coursework and assignments. The true value of the MQM experience lies in the myriad of events and activities organized by the program team. These events are designed to help students bond, learn more about Durham, explore the vibrant state of North Carolina, and create lasting memories.

As a person always looking for different experiences, I loved engaging with the community outside the classroom in fun ways. From art to sports to parties, there was something for everyone! For those who love a bit of arcade fun, there were thrilling outings like bowling hangouts, axe-throwing sessions, and go-karting adventures. Sports enthusiasts had their share of excitement too, with opportunities to watch baseball games featuring the Durham Bulls and playing golf at the picturesque Washington Duke Golf Club. Art aficionados weren’t left out either; guided paint-along sessions where we painted the iconic Duke Chapel and created Christmas snow globes provided a creative outlet. And for the explorers among us, day trips to the bustling cities of Charlotte and Raleigh offered a chance to discover new places.

These activities and many others kept us engaged and connected throughout the year. Here is a glimpse of some of my personal favorite experiences:

A group of students at Duke Gardens, a picnic blanket with bags and various snacks is in the foreground
Enjoying a beautiful sunny day at Sarah P. Duke Gardens with a brunch picnic

A Serene Brunch Picnic

To celebrate the beginning of fall, the MQM Association (MQMA) organized a picnic brunch at Sarah P. Duke Gardens. This event was a perfect opportunity for us to unwind from our busy class schedules and connect with each other in a relaxed setting. The gardens provided a beautiful backdrop for the event, where we enjoyed delicious snacks, cold drinks, and sweet treats. A fellow student photographer captured these moments, making the day even more special. It was a chance to explore the stunning Duke Gardens and create lasting memories with my classmates.

Six students, dressing in halloween costumes, including a clown, skeleton and several others
Me and my friends showing off our costumes at the Halloween party

Spooky Halloween Fun

MQMers are competitive not just in the classroom but also beyond, whether it involves the most creative Halloween costume or being the last person standing on the dance floor. Our Halloween party was a perfect blend of all things spooky, paired with an amazing DJ, a live band performance, drinks, and the most creative costumes. We went big and celebrated in style, making it a night to remember.

A group of students pose for photo in a dark spot in front of Raleigh Memorial Auditorium
A memorable night out for The Barber of Seville

A Night at the Opera

One of the most memorable experiences was attending the North Carolina Opera for a performance of IL BARBIERE DI SIVIGLIA (The Barber of Seville) at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium. This operatic comedy was an ideal introduction for those new to opera. The performance was captivating, with its engaging storyline and impressive vocal talent. It was a fantastic way to appreciate the cultural richness of North Carolina, providing a delightful break from our academic routines.

Photo showing the point of view of a person sitting in a high corner of PNC Arena. The lights are low in the stands and bright on the ice, showing the logos of the Hurricanes and Canucks
The electrifying atmosphere at the PNC Arena during the Hurricanes vs. Canucks game

Ice Hockey Thrills

Another highlight was watching the Carolina Hurricanes play the Vancouver Canucks at the PNC Arena in Raleigh. As one of the top teams in the National Hockey League, the Hurricanes enjoy immense popularity in North Carolina, especially in the Triangle area. The stadium was packed with passionate fans, and the atmosphere was electric. This experience was about more than just the game; it was about immersing ourselves in the local sports culture and feeling a part of the community. The excitement and camaraderie among the fans made the game unforgettable.

Reflecting on These Experiences

These experiences outside the classroom have been invaluable. Each activity has enriched my time at Fuqua in unique ways.

The 10 months at Fuqua fly by quickly, and it’s the best place to be. I hope this glimpse into my experiences inspires admitted students to explore all that Fuqua and North Carolina have to offer beyond academics. It’s these moments that truly enhance our educational journey and make it memorable!