I have studied at a desk. With a pest (named Booger).

4 kids
My study spot at home, with my kids Laura, Xena, David, and Ivan (AKA Booger). Also pictured are Ramza the Chinchilla and Snooki the bunny.

I have studied on a plane, on a bus, and on a train,

And on a boat, but not with a goat (but with a rabbit, chinchilla, 6 fish, and a bird).

I have studied here and there.

I’m pretty sure I’ve studied almost everywhere.

I’ve studied on a beach, with a frosty beverage within reach,

Late at night, with my eyes bleary and head tight.

I’ve studied in the tub, and in a sub(way).

Now as I round the bend, my head is down, and concentrating on just surviving until the end.

I continue to study, here and there, and in fact I study nearly everywhere.