Nady posing beside the Fuqua sign; when is the right time to apply for an MBA When is the Right Time to Pursue an Executive MBA? October 16, 2019 - - What will it take for you to achieve your dream? This is a question I often ask myself whenever I encounter a mountain in life that I need to climb over ...Read More


an auditorium full of Monish, Jill, and their classmates look on during their back to school orientation Transitioning Back to School for an MBA October 1, 2019 - - Ever wonder what it is like to transition back to school after a gap of several years since your undergraduate studies? Do you ever contemplate not pursuing graduate school because you think you can’t do it all
Five members of the consulting team posing for a group photo Our Consulting Project: Applying MBA Skills Outside the Classroom September 4, 2019 - - Earlier this year, I participated in the Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum (FCCP), a hands-on, team-based consulting project
Kiera looking at Jiazi's laptop screen, part of life as a single parent in an MBA program Making it Work as a Single Parent Pursuing an MBA July 23, 2019 - - Is having a full-time job while getting an MBA difficult? Is being a single parent challenging? How about having a full-time job while getting an MBA and being a single parent all at the same time
Preshank posing beside the Fuqua sign; MBA reflections MBA Reflections: The Sky is the Limit June 11, 2019 - - I attended an open house and fell in love with the curriculum and warmth of the school community which motivated me to apply
five members of the career management center chat around a conference table How Our Career Management Center Works with Students May 8, 2019 - - In the Career Management Center (CMC), we know that each student’s career journey is different, including the reasons that led to the selection of the Weekend Executive MBA program. Therefore we offer a...