Chris and his wife taking a photos from a skyscraper looking out over the city below, lifetime relationships Our Program Was Delayed by COVID, but Our Lifetime Relationships Were Accelerated August 30, 2020 - - I found out about my acceptance to Fuqua on Halloween Night, 2019. When I got the call, my wife and I were on the busy streets of Saigon. We celebrated the opportunity but were uncertain if we would take it. ...Read More


a student sitting in a hallway, working on his laptop; changing jobs during an executive MBA Changing Jobs During an Executive MBA July 6, 2020 - - How I can balance a job promotion or job change in the middle of an MBA? Should I? Can I?
Sara standing beside one of her company's dumpsters with the logo on it and her jacket, managing an EMBA as a business owner Managing an EMBA Program as a Small Business Owner May 4, 2020 - - As anyone who runs their own business knows, entrepreneurship ain’t easy! Your business takes over every single thought in your head from morning till night when you rest your precious little head on the pillow.
A welcome sign from orientation for the Class of 2020; sharpen the axe Sharpen the Axe: Growing in the Weekend Executive MBA Program February 10, 2020 - - It's a management and leadership phrase we hear often in our daily careers. This phrase has a deeper meaning—to re-evaluate our learned approach and acquire new skills. A Duke MBA offers an opportunity to learn and expand one's knowledge in order to propel one's career growth.
Around 15 students pose for a photo, some holding humorous signs, outside an escape room facility; Reflections 6 Months into the Weekend Executive MBA Program My Reflections 6 Months into the Weekend Executive MBA Program January 29, 2020 - - Now that my admissions experience is in the rearview and my transition back to school is complete, I wanted to write about my experience in the Weekend Executive MBA Program at The Fuqua School of Business. Here are my reflections on the most relevant parts of the experience so far
the four students holding up a novelty check for $20,000 for placing second in the case competition that gave them a learning experience beyond the classroom A Priceless Experience Beyond the Classroom December 23, 2019 - - Fuqua students have the opportunity to participate in memorable extracurricular activities that build upon the coursework and leadership skills that we learn here. Case competitions are one such example