Student in classroom during the fall of 2020 An Alumni Enterprise as an Entrepreneurial Case Study January 6, 2021 - - As an MBA student at Fuqua, you will quickly become familiar with case-based learning. Most cases that you will read are produced by Harvard Business School, but other top business schools like Fuqua are also producing their own. I had the opportunity to participate in the first published case from Fuqua’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) in our Entrepreneurial Execution class with Professor Jamie Jones. Professor Jones and Rachel Classi, Daytime MBA ‘14 co-wrote the case on Teamworks, a software company headquartered in Durham that was founded by two Duke alumni. The organization’s goal was to help professional and… ...Read More


a screenshot of a Zoom grid with 12 students The Impact of COVID-19 on the Program: Adapting to the Times December 29, 2020 - - The year 2020 has been a challenging one on many fronts—natural disasters, coronavirus, racial injustice, and inequities seeping through the nation. Irrespective of what has been going on inside and outside the U.S.,...
a few dozen of Gavin's MBA classmates standing on the Fuqua entrance stairs, wearing masks and physically distant Navigating the Pandemic with Help from My MBA Classmates November 10, 2020 - - A consistent piece of advice that you hear when pursuing an Executive MBA is to try to avoid major life-changing events during the program. But what about something beyond your control—like a global pandemic?
Chris and his wife taking a photos from a skyscraper looking out over the city below, lifetime relationships Our Program Was Delayed by COVID, but Our Lifetime Relationships Were Accelerated August 30, 2020 - - I found out about my acceptance to Fuqua on Halloween Night, 2019. When I got the call, my wife and I were on the busy streets of Saigon. We celebrated the opportunity but were uncertain if we would take it.
a student sitting in a hallway, working on his laptop; changing jobs during an executive MBA Changing Jobs During an Executive MBA July 6, 2020 - - How I can balance a job promotion or job change in the middle of an MBA? Should I? Can I?
Sara standing beside one of her company's dumpsters with the logo on it and her jacket, managing an EMBA as a business owner Managing an EMBA Program as a Small Business Owner May 4, 2020 - - As anyone who runs their own business knows, entrepreneurship ain’t easy! Your business takes over every single thought in your head from morning till night when you rest your precious little head on the pillow.