After 10 years away from college life, it took a while to adjust to being in the classroom again. In addition, my family moved into a new home, and my son turned 2 years old and demanded a lot more attention. Balancing my personal life with school was a challenge. Looking back, I recognize how much the Weekend Executive program has helped me stretch myself, and has developed me into a much more productive and very goal oriented individual. Now, I feel much more acclimated to this exciting lifestyle.

During the past two terms, I have been so privileged to study alongside my first group of teammates, who I have grown to know on a personal level, and I will miss them. We were recently assigned to new teams for the remainder of the program.

So when Term 3 started in December, I not only had a new team but new classes, including Decision Models. The class is designed to enhance the ability of solving complex management problems through the use of formal modeling and quantitative analysis capabilities. The class builds on the Term 2 classes of Regression Models, Probability and Statistics. (More about our classes.) Last term we learned how to develop and compare multiple models, and it was an exciting experience. We will be able to leverage that knowledge now in the Decision Models course, and I can’t wait. These are proven ways of addressing business problems that are currently being practiced in the real world.

This term will continue to keep me busy, but the fact that I have a very supportive team at work makes my experience a bit easier. Knowing that there is someone at work to back me up while I’m in class allows me to fully shift my focus to school. The MBA program has been very demanding, especially Term 2. But in addition to my coworkers, I’ve also been supported by “Team Fuqua” which includes a well-organized management system and staff who effectively coordinate with all the students, keeping everyone informed of what is coming up, and the expectations. So, all things considered, I have adjusted to my new responsibilities and pace, with help from many.