For those of you who are considering the Weekend Executive MBA program, one of your biggest concerns is probably about how the program will fit into the rest of your life. You probably wonder if you can manage everything. I think you can! Since classes are on the weekend (with just a couple exceptions — Orientation and Super Term), you still have full control of your schedule on weekdays. Here’s just one example of a typical weekday for me as a Weekend Executive MBA student:

6:30 AM — My alarm goes off. I’m tempted to hit snooze, but know that I can’t because I have a personal trainer coming. Get out of bed and get dressed.

7:00 AM — The doorbell rings. It’s my personal trainer. We work out for 45 minutes. I’m sweating, and a mess.

7:45 AM — Hit the shower and get ready for work.

8:30 AM — Read email.

9:00 AM — Out the door and to the office for a day of meetings, etc.

5:45 PM — Leave work and head to Chick-Fil-A to meet my family for dinner.

6:30 PM — Plan next week’s Girl Scout meeting.

7:15 PM — Run an errand for the kids.

8:00 PM — Head home and start studying and doing class assignments.

11:30 PM — Head to bed, falling asleep instantly.