It’s been more than 2 months since I was last in Durham for the Super Term (read about it in my previous post), and now I am only a few days away from being done with my MBA (but who’s counting?). The last couple weeks were challenging, though.

The format of Super Term was different from our usual terms. Super Term included an extended distance learning portion that began on October 7, and ends December 16. During this time, I was busy with many group projects and exams, which I managed from home. To me, this last term was harder to manage than the normal terms where every other week we descended upon Durham for our weekend residencies. Without the semi-monthly residencies acting as checkpoints, I was required to “self-pace” the last 10 weeks of the Weekend MBA program. I really felt the pressure in the last 9 days, which I suppose is a reflection of my lackluster self-pacing skills. As I type this, my team is exchanging emails on our final project in negotiations class, my finance practice exams are staring me down from the corner of my desk, and my final project in entrepreneurial strategy is moving along towards completion. But after a year and a half of multi-tasking work, school, and family life, I am confident that I can handle these final days of the MBA program.

Best of luck to my classmates, as we wrap up this crazy ride that we’ve all been on. It’s bittersweet to close this chapter in our lives. I will enjoy having weekends free to … what did I do on weekends before the MBA program?? Well, I’m sure I’ll remember eventually. What a great experience it’s been, and I’m so grateful for ALL of the experiences. OK, now back to studying!