April 2013: Phew!! The GMAT is finally over.

September 2013: Oh God, the GMAT is easier than the application process.

November 2013: I had an exciting first meeting with an admissions counselor.

Early December 2013: My interview is the final piece of the application.

Late December 2013: “Congratulations on being admitted to The Duke MBA Weekend Executive Class of 2015.”

June 2014: The first day of class in the Weekend Executive MBA was a dream come true.

Diversity on day one

Meeting new people and learning new things has always been an exciting experience, and the first day of orientation was a special one. My classmates—with professions such as doctor, fighter pilot, entrepreneur, financial analyst, and from countries such as India, Russia, South Africa, Mexico, and of course the U.S. with people from Puerto Rico to California—were proof enough of the professional and geographical diversity at Fuqua. The first day experience of getting to know my classmates became a memory to cherish.

Harsha - I made it - wall
Team Fuqua in action. My team members, Luke and Brandon, helping another member, Shahid, to make it to the peak of the wall at Triangle Training Center

“Team Fuqua” is a reality, not a marketing phrase

Getting to know my five team members—a dentist, a financial analyst, a product manager, a business owner and, an engineer—was a warm and a wonderful experience. Discussing individual strengths and weaknesses, each other’s personal goals, and expectations for the program followed the formal introductions. The next day at Triangle Training Center was an experience of a lifetime. Learning by doing was the theme of the day. Through several games and activities, I learned the potential of working in teams and have been using such experiences when working in my team to maximize learning at school.

Weekend residencies feature good learning and great discussions

Ever since orientation and the first residency, I have been waiting with anticipation for each alternate weekend when our class gets back together. The classroom learning and discussions have been enriching and so have other discussions at the R. David Thomas Center bar, while cornhole and ping-pong games have provided ways to relax and unwind after class. Term 1, which we finished in July, was a warm-up that helped us get adjusted to the school environment and get us ready to face the term 2 battle that started in August. I am looking forward to the great learning and amazing discussions ahead and through the end of the program. Keep tuned in to my blogs for more pictures and experiences.