Now that my admissions experience is in the rearview and my transition back to school is complete, I wanted to write about my experience in the Weekend Executive MBA Program at The Fuqua School of Business. Here are my reflections on the most relevant parts of the experience so far:


I have truly enjoyed every class I have taken so far. In fact, the material we have covered has been so relevant and refreshing that it has allowed me to think of problems differently at work. Additionally, my classmates and I have often discussed how some of the content we have covered, especially in the leadership classes, will serve us for a lifetime.

Program Staff

Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about the entire program operations team particularly Dianna Leonard and Julie Mancuso-Craig. They literally bring the program to life and leave no stone unturned to ensure our in-person residencies and hybrid sessions are seamless. They take care of everything big and small leaving nothing for us students to worry about. Moreover, they are receptive to everyone’s needs. I can’t imagine the program without this team and they keep surprising us with more and more Fuqua swag.

all four people posing for a selfie; Reflections 6 Months into the Weekend Executive MBA Program
Dianna and Julie with my classmates Jeff and Trent at a trivia night event during our most recent residency

Career Services

The career services team at Fuqua does a fantastic job providing a wide variety of career services to Executive MBA students, offering comparable services to what the Daytime MBA students receive. Many business schools do not offer their executive MBA students as extensive career services offerings as the traditional, full-time MBA students, but that is not the case at Fuqua.

Fuqua Values

I joined Fuqua because its values resonated with mine. For example, its belief in not forgetting the role of humanity in technology and its unwavering focus to promote an inclusive, diverse, and team-based environment aligned with what I was looking for in an experience. Having been six months in the program now, every time I go for the in-person residencies and/or connect with my classmates and teammates, there is a growing sense of positive reinforcement that I made the absolute right decision.


Our class of 2020 is 170 people strong and diversity exists not just in terms of the number of countries and cultures represented, but also in the number of professions represented in a classroom. We have professionals that range from experiences in finance, marketing, health care, operations, supply chain, entrepreneurs, entertainment, risk, insurance, information technology, and more. Learning alongside diverse but equally-driven professionals delivers nothing short of an expansion of your horizons that leads to bigger and better ways of doing things.

Networking and Social Life

Six months in and we have witnessed an intramural soccer game, Notre Dame versus Duke football game, casino night, Diwali celebration, several dinners with the cohort, and many networking events after classes. Each provided a unique and meaningful way to foster deeper connections with our classmates.

As a final word, I cannot say enough good things about my experience in the Weekend Executive MBA program at The Fuqua School of Business. There is everything and more available here to have a successful MBA experience that serves you beyond just your time in the program.

More than 30 students and faculty pose for a photo on a campus soccer field; Reflections 6 Months into the Weekend Executive MBA Program
Our student and faculty soccer game last fall