1. Academics

There is an incredible amount of material you learn even though you’re technically only in class four days a month. The program is structured in such a way that there is a perfect balance of didactic teaching and self-learning.

2. Duke’s Campus

Stepping foot onto the Duke campus for the first time is awe-inspiring. Even though we’re only there for the weekends, visiting such a beautiful and historic campus still leaves an impression on you. Walking the grounds and feeling that connection to this great university for the first time was a truly special moment for me.

3. Learning Teams

When starting the program, there was a lot of anxiety and excitement, all mixed into one. I still remember the moment when I was first introduced to my first team. We all recognized the mix of emotions but all felt relief that we knew we were going through this together. It was a very powerful moment and one that helped to maintain our bond throughout the rest of the program.

4. Support Staff

The program managers Julie and Sarah, along with the rest of the staff, are amazing. It became clear that they view the relationship with students as more than just transactional when I realized they knew every single one of us, even before we met face to face. The fact that the program seemingly didn’t miss a beat even in the midst of the pandemic is a true testament to the support staff’s dedication and commitment to the students.

5. Networking Events

There can be a lot of misconceptions as to what qualifies as a networking event in business school. It’s definitely more than just imbibing your favorite social lubricant. It’s also learning about what your classmates’ goals and aspirations are and how you can help each other attain your goals. The greatest strength of the program by far is your classmates, so anything that can help you tap into the power of Team Fuqua is invaluable.