The Fall Term 1 FuquaVision Show was the perfect, lighthearted ending to an intense term for first-year students. With classes over and final exams quickly approaching, everyone was definitely excited to let loose for a while and enjoy a continuation of Fuqua Friday, complete with food, drinks, good friends, and superb entertainment.

For a first-year student, it was amazing to see the amount of hard work and the professional quality of the comedic skits that students created. Geneen Auditorium, packed to the brim with students, Fuqua Partners, and even some prospective students, had enthusiasm and spirit reminiscent of Orientation, when friendships were first made.

By the time the show started, there was standing room only. Based on the past success of FuquaVision, not a soul wanted to miss out on seeing their favorite classes, professors, and Fuqua staff and students parodied, not to mention the hilarious pop culture and general business skits. The great thing about FuquaVision is that although many of the skit concepts are unique to the Fuqua experience, almost anyone can enjoy the show because it’s genuinely funny and very much like a compilation of your favorite YouTube videos.

As I watched the show, and watched members of the audience huddled together, smiling, laughing, and clapping, I was content. Watching FuquaVision was like letting out a breath I had been holding throughout the term. With a show that allows us all to finally relax and just enjoy thinking about the experience of being at Fuqua, I think the next Term 2 Show will be what I look forward to the most.