As an Admissions Ambassador, here are some frequent questions I get from prospective students:

Q: What is living in Durham like?

A: In terms of the location, Durham, North Carolina, is a unique Mecca for southern hospitality. The people here are friendly, the town is fairly easy to navigate, and its location in the Research Triangle Park (aka RTP, a cluster of three cities – Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill) gives it access to companies with headquarters nearby and easy access to Duke’s community partners with industry connections. It also gives us access to other academic institutions like the University of North Carolina and their business connections. Being able to navigate through a smaller city like Durham makes things a lot easier as a student when you are always on the go and have a very full schedule.

Q: Where do Fuqua students live?

A: There are so many options for housing. Many students choose to live at an apartment complex called Station 9, about 5-10 minutes away from the school. I live there and really enjoy it! There are also other options like The Lofts, Alexan Place, Addington Farms, many other apartment complexes, and even houses which students choose to rent or buy. Not everybody lives in Durham, though. It’s quite possible to live in a neighboring city like Chapel Hill or Raleigh and commute to Durham. Blue Devil Weekend gives a great housing preview, also.

Q: Do you need a car as a business student?

A: I would definitely recommend a car. Many students come from New York or California and have not had a car in years, so when they get to Durham, they purchase a car. There are buses around campus, but personally, it’s easier for me to have my car to get up and go when I please. Plus, you’ll probably get involved in some off-campus activities around the area, so you may want your own transportation to get around. If you decide to go without a car, however, you’ll find that your classmates are pretty nice, and are usually willing to give you a ride to and from class! Luckily, all business students get parking passes that are fairly close to Fuqua.

Q: How far away is Fuqua from the undergraduate campus?

A: Not far at all – I would say about a 5-10 minute walk. If you want to get away from the building for a while it’s not too difficult (let’s be honest, you’ll spend all your time in one building, and it’s a nice building of course, but sometimes you want to get out and grab food or study elsewhere!) . The main student center, the Bryan Center, is also nearby and contains more food options. It’s a quick walk to the Duke Chapel, too. Parking, however, can be a challenge on campus. When the weather is nice, which is quite often, you won’t mind walking!