A couple more questions that I’ve received recently from prospective students that I’ve spoken with:

Q: What is it like for spouses/partners/significant others during your time at Fuqua?

A: Ah, I love this question, because this is where Fuqua really shines! Fuqua has an outstanding Fuqua Partners program, which provides support for everything from where to live, where to find a job, and how to find a doctor. Fuqua students and partners with children also have a big support network, and from what I’ve seen, those who are involved in Fuqua Partners get a lot out of it – they are able to make friends quickly in the area and connect with others who are in a situation where their significant other is going to school full-time.

I also always tell partners not to worry too much about never seeing their “student!” It’s true that the first year takes up a lot of time, and sometimes there are some late nights, but teams make a team contract at the beginning of the year, and those students with families should make their preferences known about days/times for team meetings. I personally have a spouse that lives in another city, and I’ve still been able to keep a good balance between schoolwork and family-life. It’s all about communication and setting priorities!

Q: As a first year Admissions Ambassador, what is recruiting for the school like?

A: In a word – FUN! It’s a blast sharing my experiences with prospective students,and I love answering any and all questions. Most current students are extremely involved in the recruiting process as well. They volunteer to sit in the lounge with prospective students, they give tours, and they host lunches to get to know prospective students better.