As the end of Term 4 nears, I’ve been able to reflect upon how I’ve spent my first year at Fuqua and … I’m disgusted with myself. I mean, there are so many things I haven’t done here yet! This will probably be a continuing list, but here’s what I haven’t done yet, and MUST do before I graduate!

  1. Ride the bull at Shooters, our local Durham bar.
  2. Go to Campout to get basketball tickets (I missed it this year because of a wedding. What was I thinking?!?).
  3. Actually go to a Blue Devils basketball game.
    1. Alas, without tickets this year, I have not yet gone. My husband also has yet to pick up his Partner card to let him into a game.
  4. Produce a FuquaVision video.
  5. Go to Australia on Exchange.
  6. Visit every nice restaurant in Durham.
  7. Finally go to the gym on campus.
  8. Eat some Carolina BBQ
  9. Go on a Hash Run
  10. Walk the Duke Trail