There are two classes so far that I have enjoyed immensely and that have really stuck with me:

  1. Consumer Behavior
  2. Management Communications I & II

While the rest of my first-year marketing classmates were taking Marketing Intelligence, I decided to dive right in to Consumer Behavior. I was a psychology minor in undergrad, and this class opened my eyes to the psychology behind business. After taking this class, I can’t watch an ad on TV without thinking about whom the brand is intending to target and if they’re doing a good job of it! I loved the way the professor gave real-world examples in class and the principles have been burned into my brain because the class was so fun and interesting. We analyzed advertisements, had some really in-depth class discussions about market segmentation, and read several books that I will keep with me for life: Why We Buy and Married to the Brand.

As for Management Communications, I didn’t realize these courses were required for first-year students! However, I’m so glad they are. We learned public speaking and presentation skills that went beyond anything I ever learned in Toastmasters. I learned how to make PowerPoint slides that capture your audience, how to effectively work the room, and how gestures and inoculation can make or break your presentation. As I always tell prospective students, communication is what really separates Fuqua students from all other MBA students – we have both the analytical skills to do incredible projects and the communication skills to get buy-in and recognition from senior management.