Dipesh at football game
At my first Duke football game! We played Stanford.

Did you know Duke actually has sports outside of basketball? There are coaches besides Coach K, and the campus has other types of venues besides basketball courts!

Having completed my undergrad at Emory University, I was SO excited to finally have a football team. For those unfamiliar with Emory, it is a great school that boasts an undefeated football team (undefeated because Emory has never had a football team!). Therefore, when I arrived at Duke, I knew I had to experience a Duke football game. Now don’t get me wrong, Duke football isn’t the most amazing experience ever … there are not a hundred-thousand fans in the stands and the games are not on ESPN, but it is still a fun experience.

Fuqua students get into games for free (must show student ID) and get to sit in the graduate student section. On a nice day, it is an entertaining experience and there is always hope that Duke will win … about 50% of the time. 🙂

During my first game, I got to witness Andrew Luck and Stanford take the field against Duke. While Duke did end up losing, I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful North Carolina weather, fun times with classmates, and educating my non-native classmates on American football.