How can I make my mark as a leader at Fuqua? How can I learn more about the school from a student perspective?

I have always found the clubs to be a great resource and starting point. It’s important to think about how you might add value at Fuqua, including how you might get involved and how you might be able to benefit the Fuqua community. Participating in club activities and managing some club events is a great way to make an impact. A full club listing is available online, and you can check out upcoming events to get an idea of the kinds of conferences, workshops, and networking events that are held. These events are where students spend a majority of their time outside of class. If you don’t see a club that meets your interests, think about starting your own club, organization, or initiative during your time in Durham!

Is the global aspect of business a big part of the program?

Absolutely! For one thing, international students actually make up about 40% of our class, which adds a ton of diversity and impacts class discussions. Many students also have international experience that they apply to class projects and cases. I always tell prospective students that it’s not uncommon to have a classmate who is personally familiar with a case we are discussing. These classmates are able to help lead the discussion and give a very in-depth viewpoint.

As I mentioned above, clubs are a big part of the program, and that includes clubs with an international focus. These clubs host a variety of conferences, cultural awareness programs, and fun activities.

Fuqua also offers several global learning experiences including Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE), Student Exchange, and Global Consulting Practicum (GCP). Learn more about all of these online. Some of these activities are specifically supported by Fuqua’s Center for International Business Education and Research. Additional information is available through Fuqua’s International Programs Office. If you have any questions about GATE or traveling abroad, I can certainly help, since I went to China/Hong Kong on GATE and am traveling to Australia in the spring for exchange!

What surprised you most about Fuqua once you started the program?

You hear all about “Team Fuqua” when doing your research and going through the admissions process. I can tell you that it is absolutely a real thing! I was blown away when recruiting season started last fall. I saw students coaching each other in the hallways before going in for the same job interview, giving each other pep talks and tips, and generally just being incredibly friendly and supportive. We’re in it as a team. If a classmate gets a job that didn’t work out for you, they generally want to help you to find a better fit and they help you prepare for your next interview. I truly think recruiters even notice the atmosphere here, and it speaks volumes about our culture and relationship-oriented way of succeeding in business.