Yes, I’m devoting an entire blog post to one day of the week: Wednesday. Wednesdays are a “day off” for Fuqua MBAs. Some of you may be aware that this is not the case at many other business schools, where Friday is normally the day off. I remember thinking how much better it would be to have a three-day weekend. However, with two terms under my belt (Summer and Fall 1), I can happily say that I am now a full convert to how beneficial it is to have Wednesdays, as opposed to Fridays, off from class.

When I heard that at Fuqua, there were no classes on Wednesday, I was excited that instead of 5 straight days of class, we would essentially have mini two-day weeks with a “free weekend” in between. Ohhh, how wrong I was. My Wednesdays are completely filled with team meetings, case preparations and homework discussions, club meetings, career and club symposiums, corporate presentations, tutoring sessions, and class review sessions. In fact, Wednesdays are one of my busiest days of the week!

Despite the jam-packed nature of my Wednesdays, I am still appreciative of the fact that I get a break from classes in the middle of each week. It allows me to have a day to devote to homework and everything else I need to do, without fearing that I am missing class. It also helps me to determine priority of assignments. Instead of back-to-back deadlines, there is the mid-week respite where I know nothing for my classes is due, and this allows me a day to catch up on any future deliverables. Maybe one of these days, my “free Wednesday” will actually be free!

Anjali Menon

Anjali Menon

Daytime MBA, Class of 2013

I went to UC Berkeley for undergrad and earned a dual degree in mass communications and business administration. After 3 years as a financial statement auditor and launching a marketing media company, I decided to go back to school for my MBA. At Fuqua I became heavily involved with FuquaVision and Career Fellows.

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  • Happy Wednesday Anjali! This is one of the better Wednesdays of the year;).

    Hey I need some advice regarding Fuqua’s Finance program. I am interested in career switch to asset management n have 690 in GMAT. I love my job but I want to persue my passion. I have been investing for over 4 years now –

    So please let me know if you can give me some guidance. Happy Thanksgiving:)

  • Anjali Menon

    Hi Sumeet!

    Fuqua is a great school because it offers many resources to career switchers, so you will definitely be able to pursue your passion here. If you have specific questions, I’d encourage you to contact our Fuqua’s Admissions Office: They will best be able to help you. Thanks for reading!

  • Shyam Nambiar

    Anjali Menon – That indeed is an eye opener of a difference, halfway through the week! Though I started on the same lines, loving the mid week holiday, your later summary dulled the fun quotient a bit. But comprehensively, I feel it makes a lot of sense, having a day right there in between to reorient and course correct. Thanks for the info, though I am 4 years late!