Prior to business school, I spent 5 years in New York City. When I applied to school, I was really anxious to go elsewhere since I had spent my entire life in the Northeast, mostly in the New York area. I wanted to trade in my concrete playground for grass, trees, a car, and more of a suburban lifestyle.

Thus far, my time at Fuqua has been fantastic.  I’ve learned a lot in class, about what I’m looking for in a career, and I’ve learned a lot from my classmates. All in 4 months! With classes, social activities, corporate presentations, and distinguished speakers, I have not had much time to reflect upon my transition from NYC to Durham so I wanted to touch on a few points. My workday in NYC went through a cycle as follows: work, lunch break, work, Starbucks break (I am a recovering Starbucks addict), maybe dinner out, maybe a happy hour, sleep, and repeat. This process became routine and if I were in business school in NYC, I would not be able to balance the things that I really enjoyed about my old life with the demands of business school.

After almost 4 months in Durham, there are some things that I definitely miss about NYC:

NYC skyline at night
From New York City ...
  • The variety of food and nightlife
  • Walking and ending up in new neighborhoods
  • The convenience of having 5 Starbucks in a 2-block radius
  • A $25 manicure/pedicure combo
  • The ability to get almost anything at any time or any place
  • The allure of living in the city
  • My family and friends

But there are also some things that I definitely do not miss:

Kville in Durham
... To Durham!
  • Trying to find a cab when it is raining or it is 3 am
  • The weather: it is currently 70 degrees here
  • My tiny apartment that I paid too much for
  • Grocery stores
  • Walking to the subway in the blustery cold in the dead of winter
  • The prices of everything except manicures/pedicures
  • Movie theaters

I’ve found things that I enjoy in Durham, but I’m still adjusting and there are plenty of things that I still need to do:

  • Try more restaurants
  • Go to a Duke basketball game (Go Coach K and 904+ wins)
  • Explore NC – Asheville, Charlotte, and Chapel Hill
  • Explore the South
  • Eat BBQ
  • Visit the Duke Gardens
  • See the Carolina Hurricanes
  • Go hiking
  • Go to the Eno River quarry

And lastly, here are some things that I am now asking myself as I am searching for a summer internship:

  • Would I rather work in a suburb or city?
  • Where do I want to be geographically?
  • How much should weather matter?

I will figure these questions out in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!!!