Fellow blogger and classmate Deidre-Ann Nelson recently told me to take a look at the website Poets & Quants. For those unfamiliar with Poets & Quants, it’s dedicated to all things MBA. It includes application tips, news about various schools around the country, and interesting commentary about programs.

Deidre-Ann specifically passed an article to me about the growing presence of recruiters in the halls of Fuqua. We definitely have our share of recruiters coming to campus. The Dean even sent a note to the student body apologizing for the lack of team rooms (for studying and team work) because so many recruiters were here to interview my classmates! Now that is what I call a good problem!

Anyway, the article did get me thinking about something I rarely considered before business school … this whole job search thing. I came to school to figure out what I want to do with my life, and I figured that the actual job would sort itself out. It is extremely comforting to know that Fuqua is consistently bringing new and dynamic organizations to campus. There are not many schools which can bring the big banks, huge CPG companies, tech giants, and top consulting companies to campus consistently – and many recruit more students each year. It seems that Fuqua alumni are continuing to impress these organizations, making them come back for more!

So as I ponder my next 1.5 years and whether I am poet or a quant, I am excited to know that lots of opportunities are available!