All I want is …

  1. To have actual exams again instead of final projects and papers. I wished for projects and papers last year because I thought that would be much easier, and I was wrong. Very wrong.
  2. To have a week without faulty fire alarm wake-up calls at Station 9 Apartments.
  3. To finish all the shows on my two DVRs before leaving for the holidays.
  4. To find an ugly Christmas sweater and a Santa’s elf outfit since they’re all the rage for this season’s Fuqua parties.
  5. To find time to run my dishwasher because I’m running out of plastic spoons and forks.

    Green jacket
    This thing is way too big for me!
  6. To figure out how to shrink my FuquaVision Executive Cabinet track jacket since the boys in the club obviously ordered them in men’s sizes without telling the ladies. Don’t let this happen to you!
  7. To figure out ASAP what a mobile app “beta launch” entails, since I promised a thorough plan on that for a project due this weekend.
  8. To find my brother over break and ask him how many golf balls actually do fit in a 747, since he told me the answer over Thanksgiving and we laughed about it as a possible interview question. Then a company totally brought that up in a phone interview yesterday. UGH.
  9. To be given some last minute opportunities to participate in studies at the Fuqua Behavioral Lab – Duke grad students will pay you cash for these quick little experiments! Awesome way to get money for the holidays.
  10. To be given even more chances to call and welcome the new members of Fuqua’s Class of 2014, who I interviewed. Congrats to all the Early Action admits!!!