I have a little background in video production, I love acting, and I have a quirky sense of humor. So when I began my time at Fuqua, I naturally gravitated toward FuquaVision, a campus club that produces funny/silly Saturday Night Live-esque videos based on life at Fuqua (both on and off campus). During each term, on the Friday before finals, students gather in our largest auditorium to watch all the videos produced by their classmates during that term. These shows last 1 to 2 hours.

I was first introduced to FuquaVision during Blue Devil Weekend, Fuqua’s main event for accepted students. Back then, as I sat in Geneen Auditorium, roaring with laughter along with everyone else, I knew I wanted to be a part of the club that was responsible for making a huge auditorium of people erupt in hoots, hollers, cheers, and applause. Anjali – the FuquaVision producer – was born.

During my first term, I pitched an idea that was accepted (the video involved the official song of the class of 2013 – LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” – a male Party Rock fairy, my accounting professor, and several of my amazing classmates). I initially thought it would be all fun and games, which it is quite a bit of the time, but what I didn’t realize was how time-consuming the process is! I worked tirelessly to write the script, cast the actors, film each scene, and edit the video. I remember how nervous and anxious I was to have my classmates see the final product. As my sketch was projected on the big screen, I began to hear laughter, and that made everything worth it – I was hooked! I think the current FuquaVision presidents also realized that they had a “lifer” in me, because after that first term, they invited me to join the FuquaVision executive cabinet, which I happily accepted. My experiences with the FuquaVision culture have been the best, most fun experiences I’ve had at business school!

Now, with two terms under my belt, not only have I become a semi-pro at the Adobe Premier editing software, but I also know that spending a little more time planning each scene and writing a detailed script makes for much easier and more efficient production.