Wowza. Time flies! I haven’t had a winter break in nearly 5 years and mine was spectacular. While classes don’t start until January 19, internship interviews began January 3. I’m also taking a Winter Session Course on Business Improv (more on that to come soon!)

While I wish I could say I was SO productive over break, I was not. I slept nearly 10 hours a day and watched a lot of television and movies. However, I am back in Durham and internship interview season has begun. It’s that time of year when students anxiously check their email every few minutes to see if they made the interview list for various companies.

I won’t lie, this is a stressful time and students have to remain flexible and keep a positive attitude. It may happen that some of us won’t get our dream internship, but worry not! This is a two-year experience and we must remember that! No matter where Fuqua students end up this summer, the experience will only build each student’s resume so they may recruit again next Fall. It is quite nice to know that you have two shots to land that dream job.

As for me … I just had my first internship interview and it was, well, interesting. I can’t say it went badly, but I can’t say it was amazing either. I think I did ok but it was clear that it has been over 6 years since my last real job interview. A few more mock interviews with classmates, a more concise story, and some better examples are on my to-do list before my next real interview. However, it is nice to get that first one down and get back in the rhythm of interviewing. The fun is just beginning …