Green Week logo

This week was Green Week at Fuqua! Events were organized by the Net Impact Club to raise awareness and promote sustainability at Fuqua. There were various events throughout the week, including speakers, a movie screening, and a sustainable business fair.

Some cool highlights:

  • Small Changes Make a Big Impact – The Fuqua food services department added REAL silverware (rather than just plastic ware) and promoted the use of reusable food containers. Just imagine the amount of plastic and trash saved by everyone not using plastic cutlery and paper/foam plates! It is a lot, and it’s great to see Fuqua implementing some common sense improvements that make us all “green” without even thinking about it!
  • Free TShirts Always Work – Free shirts were given to those rocking a plastic water bottle, reusable lunch container, or some other item that demonstrates a commitment to sustainability. Wherever you end up at school, be sure to have your water bottle and lunch bag ready!
  • Sustainability Business Fair & Green Party – The week concludes today with a sustainability business fair. At the fair, we can test drive the Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF vehicles. The fair is meant to showcase local sustainable businesses. Some businesses participating in the event include: WeCar, Burt’s Bees, Seven Star Cycles, The Parlour food truck, Bon Appetit, Duke Energy, Durham Farmers Market, Joe Van Gogh, and Sustainable Duke. Then the week ends with a good ole “green” party downtown!

Remember that even though you aren’t at Fuqua yet, it is still easy being green!