Ladies and Gentlemen – it’s that wonderful time of year when many of the young gentlemen at Fuqua grow mustaches for a good cause. Welcome to the world of Stache Bash 2012!

Dipesh Shah with mustache
Recognize me with my ‘stache?

Stache Bash is sponsored by the Net Impact Club as part of a yearly fundraising effort for the CASE Summer Internship Program which supports students who are pursuing internships at social enterprises, non-profits, and governmental agencies where summer salaries aren’t a part of the picture. In addition, the program enables organizations that otherwise could not afford to hire MBA interns to benefit from students’ expertise in areas such as finance, management consulting, strategic planning and marketing. In the end, it’s a great way to raise funds for an extremely noble cause.

So how does it work?

Students have 3 weeks to grow the most amazing mustache they can, and raise money by having individuals sponsor their mustache journey. Grooming is accepted and actually encouraged as prizes are awarded for the best mustaches! In fact, here are some of the amazing honors I’m competing for:

  • Magnum P.I. Award – Best in Show
  • Junior High Award – Mustache made up of fewer than 14 visible hairs
  • Rollie Fingers Award – Most creative/innovative mustache
  • Biggest Fundraiser Award – King of Stache Bash

These awesome accolades will be handed out this Friday evening during a judging event! The Stache Bash judging coincides with Fuqua Friday and Blue Devil Weekend (for admitted students)! Wish me luck!

The fundraising goal for this year is $20,000, and it will take every mustache Fuqua has to garner these funds. Interested in possibly sponsoring me or someone else at Fuqua? Feel free to click here if the mood strikes you to sponsor a ‘stache!