Students during inauguration
The light saber inauguration of the new FuquaVision co-presidents! I am on the right, yes, the girl.

One of the defining moments of my time at Fuqua happened a few weeks ago. I found myself kneeling on the stage of Geneen Auditorium in front of a full crowd of classmates. Two great friends were by my side, and we were wearing coordinated white suits, black pants/leggings, red accents, and fedoras. There were cheers and whistles from the crowd, and my head was bowed down. I felt gentle pressure on each shoulder as a light saber touched down. What was this, you ask? It was the inauguration for FuquaVision’s new co-presidents!

I’ve never been more excited to be part of a club. I love that being a leader of this club is such a multifaceted position. When I was just a cabinet member (during this year), I learned so much about planning, writing, staging, and executing the production of a video, including filming, casting, and editing. There’s so much involved in taking a mere idea and making it a reality.

FuquaVision’s ability to really tap into your creativity and create something substantial from it drew me in from the beginning. I think that’s what entices a majority of our members – they have a humorous idea that they want to share with our peers and before they know it, they’re immersed in the world of FuquaVision. As such, the people that I’ve gotten to know through FuquaVision are some of the most innately funny, creative, silly, rowdy characters that I’ve ever met. Any time we’re together, there’s no knowing what random, often inappropriate humor will come out, and that hysterical unpredictability is perhaps the most endearing quality of FuquaVision.

My fellow presidents and I are committed to making FuquaVision a more inclusive experience. It’s always been open to the public and FuquaVision encourages anyone in the Daytime MBA program to produce skits, but still, there is a misconception that FuquaVision is only for a small, select group of individuals. Many people yearn to be a part of the fun, not realizing that it is so easy to become involved!

So, for any new students who are coming to Duke in the fall, keep a lookout for FuquaVision and don’t hesitate to become part of our zany, loveable family!