My roommate, JC Conover, and I added some color to our 'staches. JC won the award for the most creative/innovative mustache.

When I last left you on the edge of your computer chairs, I was competing in Fuqua’s yearly Stache Bash! I am proud to report that the Stache Bash ended this past Friday, and I raised $600 for the CASE Summer Internship Fund.

We blew through all past fundraising totals and the lofty goal of $20,000. Overall, 85 students participated and raised $23,075! And more than 250 students, faculty, and friends contributed. Our top two fundraisers brought in over $1,500 each! As a result of surpassing our $20,000 goal, Dean Bill Boulding shaved his trademark goatee during Fuqua Friday!

I am sad to report that I did not win any of the hilarious awards I was competing for, but my roommate (JC Conover) did win the much heralded Rollie Fingers Award for the most creative/innovative mustache.

Dean Bill Boulding