New Student Orientation is Only a Week Away!

In exactly one week, the halls of Fuqua will be filled with 440 new first-year Daytime MBA students! On August 1st, these new students will begin a three-day orientation focused on bonding in their new community. It’s also the start of their journey to understand what “Team Fuqua” is all about. If you’re an incoming student, we look forward to seeing you soon!

In preparation for this large event, over 25 second-year Daytime MBA students (AKA the O-Team) have been working hard to organize orientation activities. It’s become a tradition for second-year students to organize orientation for the new class — it’s a way for us to give back and to welcome our new MBA classmates. As the co-chairs of orientation, Stephen Grygar and I pulled together our O-Team before leaving school in May.

During the summer, O-Team members were based around the world for their internships, in locations including San Francisco, Washington DC, Chicago, and even India. Whenever we had some free time — day and night — we worked on orientation. Through this project, we started to understand the true meaning of “global business” and a “global MBA.” Some of my orientation teammates occasionally forgot about the time differences, and called each other during sleep or work hours — it was just one of the challenges of working in a globally dispersed team!

Supported by an amazing group of administrators at Fuqua, we’ve mapped out 3 days full of welcome activities for the new students. Events include everything from introductory/welcome messages from school administrators to a session on understanding the importance of personal branding. New students will also have the opportunity to let down their hair and take part in some friendly competition through something we call “Section Olympics.”

Learn more about the upcoming orientation.

“Thank you” to the entire O-Team and all the administrators who’ve assisted with orientation. With only a week left, we are pumped for the event and excited to meet all the first-year students! And we only hope that the first years are just as excited as we are!