It’s been over a week since Campout 2012, and I still laugh at the awesomeness that is Campout. For those unfamiliar with the event, it’s a yearly tradition and opportunity for graduate students at Duke to gain season basketball tickets. All graduate students have the opportunity to campout in a parking lot on campus for a weekend. Every few hours a siren goes off which requires everyone to check-in at the registration desk. You can only miss one of these check-ins. The check-ins happen all weekend long, so there is barely any sleep that occurs.

Classmate Bee-Lian Quah and I rock awesome lens-less glasses as we party at Campout!

Why would anyone put themselves through this?!? The fortunate few that make it through all the check-ins are entered into a lottery for season basketball tickets. The odds are 50-50 that you get tickets. I made it through last year, but did not win tickets.

However, I redeemed myself this year. I won tickets!

You may wonder what we do all weekend while camping out in this parking lot?!? Well, it is one big party! Various clubs throw parties throughout the weekend. Fuqua’s INDUS Club always has its traditional Bollywood themed party one evening, and Latin American Student Association always has a fantastic Latin themed party. In between, students play cornhole, ladderball, or just socialize! It is a tradition at Duke, and something that I will sorely miss once I leave the grounds of Fuqua.