Even as a Fuqua staff member, the days and weeks leading up to the start of the new academic year are filled with much anticipation. The summer is one of our favorite seasons at Fuqua, not just because of the beautiful North Carolina weather, but also because we get to welcome our incoming students. While this is an exciting time for us, I recognize that this time of transition may be a source of anxiety for some students. The Business, Communication, and Culture (BCC) program was designed to take the guesswork out of the adjustment period and equip our students, particularly international students, with the confidence they need for a strong start.

Connecting with Our Community

Packed full of opportunities to meet peers, BCC allows students to explore Duke’s campus and the city of Durham while becoming familiar with Fuqua’s academic norms and vibrant culture. The Identity and Connection Workshop is a highlight of the week. Many of our past attendees credit the workshop with creating an environment that values vulnerability and honesty in building a foundation of confidence and trust among classmates.

Another popular session invites Fuqua student-athletes to speak about their respective sports. In the past, players from the basketball, football, field hockey, and lacrosse teams have participated in the session.

A panel at BCC program at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. Associate Dean Steve Misuraca, MMS Program Director Allie McClarnon and four student-athletes participate in panel.
Associate Dean Steve Misuraca and Allie McClarnon, MMS program director, host the sports panel featuring MMS and MBA students, August 2023

Preparing for an Academic Challenge

On the more academic side, BCC prioritizes opportunities to practice key communication skills before stepping into the core curriculum. We know that it can be nerve-wracking to practice these skills — like public speaking or business writing — and that’s why BCC is so important.

BCC creates a low-stakes environment, relieving the pressure on students with dynamic instruction, coaching, and feedback in a safe space to make mistakes and learn. The ultimate takeaway was best put by a BCC alum: “The detailed feedback by faculty was extremely helpful — it provided an invaluable insight into the faculty’s expectation on how presentations should be structured and delivered.”

Four Fuqua students and a staff member take a selfie in the mallway
Snapping a photo with a Fuqua staff member to complete one task on the BCC scavenger hunt, August 2024

Ultimately, our objective with BCC each year is to see students strolling into the first week of classes armed with the confidence and knowledge to succeed!