In a previous post, I promised to continue to demystify our “25 Random Things” application essay, while concurrently helping you to get to know Fuqua’s admissions team. So, I am happy to introduce our Admissions Queen Liz Riley Hargrove; Tom Booth, our longest standing employee (32 years); and Anne-Caitlin Procopio, who coordinates applicant interviews! Here are some excerpts from each of their 25 Random Things lists:

Photo of Liz Riley Hargrove fom admissions
Liz Riley Hargrove

Liz Riley Hargrove, Associate Dean for Admissions

  • I have traveled to 39 countries, and had the best meal of my life in Thailand.
  • I was captain of my high school drill team and can still remember the kick routine I learned for the audition. I’ve been known to throw a high kick during the welcome at Orientation for our new students …
  • Since we all make mistakes, I firmly believe that everyone is entitled to a “do-over” and as human beings we should graciously allow them to have it.
  • I ADORE my children!! I aspire to be a great example to women, of how to balance a demanding career and being a good mommy.
  • I’ve been told that I have enough personality for a small Latin American country. That was a compliment — right?

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Tom Booth
Tom Booth

Tom Booth, Data Manager

  • I love roller coasters and have ridden several that either are, or were once, world record holders. If you ever want to, please visit Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.
  • I was a vegetarian for 11 years and returned to eating meat as a means of including more protein in my diet. I still eat mostly vegetarian to this day and can cook the heck out of some tofu. Ask me how!
  • I always thought being a court recorder would be a cool kind of job. Good thing I realize and embrace the fact that I cannot keep quiet or still for very long.
  • I do not have cable, satellite, rabbit ears, etc. on my TV at home. A marketer’s nightmare.
  • I am an only child and have been on my own since 18.
  • I still am in contact with people I met when I landed at RDU on August 22, 1980. Some were even at my birthday party this year!
Photo of Anne-Caitlin Procopio
Anne-Caitlin Procopio

Anne-Caitlin Procopio, Interview Coordinator

  • I spent 6 months living alone in The Times Square Hotel. Three floors of the hotel were for housing for AIDS patients, another was for recovering drug addicts and another for mentally challenged (formerly) homeless people. These formerly homeless patrons were also incredible artists and the artwork they produced was displayed on the walls.
  • I do MANY impressions — my most famous is a crying baby … I’ve been told it’s eerie.
  • I portrayed a Holocaust survivor, Eva Schloss, in a production in college. She is amazing. She ran from the women’s camp in Auschwitz the night of the liberation and found Otto Frank (Anne Frank’s father) in the men’s camp. She had been friends with Anne before the Frank family went into hiding. Eva’s mother ended up marrying Otto Frank. Eva sent me her book and also sent the cast copies of pictures that her stepfather had taken of Anne that have never been printed.
  • Favorite books: The Great Gatsby, The Things They Carried, Beloved, The Awakening. I don’t care for Jane Austen, even though that really irked my English teachers.
  • My husband Mikey is a rock star (seriously, you should hear his songs) and my cat Skunk has been deemed “a one cat army.” I am so lucky to have the friends and family that I do.

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