More than 100 Companies Participate in On-Campus Recruiting

It has been a very hectic October. Now several months into my second-year, the full-time job search is on for the Class of 2013. As my first-year classmates are still learning about industries and companies with Week in Cities trips and are contemplating summer internships; second-year students are reflecting on their summer internships and planning for jobs that align with long-term career goals. For many of us, that’s why we came to business school after all.

With the job search in full swing, there have been many opportunities for us to network and interview with recruiters, as well as gain additional knowledge on companies of interest. According to Fuqua’s Career Management Center, over the past few weeks, well over 100+ companies came to Fuqua to interview second years for full-time positions. Some of the companies include Deloitte, McKinsey, The Boston Consulting Group, Bain, Johnson & Johnson, Apple, Accenture, Goldman Sachs, Samsung, Kraft, Genentech, John Deere, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Medtronic, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Between Sept. 24 and Oct. 31, more than 80 companies sponsored corporate presentations.

Corporate presentations include a formal presentation followed by a Q&A and a networking reception. I’ve found these sessions helpful during the recruiting season because they provide in-depth information on the companies, as well as a chance to network with employees (many of whom are Fuqua alumni). For me this part of the process has been invaluable to putting a face, personality, and personal touch on the many organizations out there.

Doing an on-campus job search is stressful and competitive, but also it also highlights the Team Fuqua spirit. There have been many times throughout the year that I really relied on my classmates for their advice, help, or even compassion given the ups and downs of searching for the “right job.” In many cases, classmates and friends are interviewing for the same job, but Fuquans tend to help each other prepare for these interviews. I’ve seen classmates who are interested in consulting, work on case interview questions together in team rooms or in the Fox Center for several hours. Other classmates have made time to share their summer experiences and provided personal contacts, or held a mock-interview session.

The Career Management Center estimates that more than 150 interviews will take place on campus during the fall.

Whether you have 2 interviews or 10, it takes a lot of time to get yourself prepared to answer behavioral questions, walk through your resume, walk through a case and still have questions to ask at then end. If you total the time its taken to perfect one’s resume, speak with countless employees, attend presentations, attend Fuqua-related career sessions, search the web, and practice on your own, I’d average that one interview takes at least 40 hours of preparation.

Only time will tell where everyone ends up (including the fate from recruiting off-campus). In the meantime, I along with my Class of 2013 classmates are keeping our suits dry cleaned, staying focused, flying to and fro for interviews, oh and … we’re still going to class and running clubs at Fuqua. There’s a lot going on, but I know it’ll be worth it.