Picture of Fuqua Ladies Golfing
Sitting outside with Caroline Barker before heading to the driving range.

Some prospective students might be under the impression that all we do at Fuqua is attend class, have group meetings, study in the library, and recruit with any and all companies that visit campus. I am here to dispel those nasty rumors, with all the credit going to Fuqua’s Association of Women in Business (AWIB) Club.

One of the advantages of choosing Fuqua is that there is a world-class golf course and driving range across the street at the Washington Duke Inn (there is also a wonderful patio and restaurant if you’re not into golf). In conjunction with the Golf Club, AWIB hosted a women’s-only driving range event on a Friday afternoon right before Fuqua Friday (which is another event that helps to dispel the rumor of all work and no play). Several of my friends and I made the short 10 minute walk from school and found ourselves in front of golf clubs and plenty of range balls.

A Fuqua student driving a golf ball
Kara Castagna driving the ball!

I consider myself a decent golfer (definition: can keep up with the pace of play, even if it means picking up my ball and just riding along for a hole or two), but there were several ladies in attendance who had never touched a golf club before and didn’t know the difference between a pitching wedge and a driver. The great thing about the experience was that several Golf Club members were available to give us tips on our stance, grip, and swing in a completely stress-free environment. We were able to hit as many or as few golf balls as we wanted, and some women actually went from crawling to walking in the proverbial golf sense! It was a great afternoon to be outside and get a little bit of exercise, as you can see from the pictures, especially after being cooped up in class and recruiting events all week.

Lots of Activity Options

If golfing isn’t your sport of choice, no worries! A few weeks ago, AWIB sponsored a 5K run/walk supporting the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. It was open to all students and was also immediately preceding Fuqua Friday. Over 30 students came out to raise $500 for breast cancer research in their pink shirts, headbands, shorts, and socks. The event was held across the street at the Al Buhler Trail, which is a tree-lined loop around the Washington Duke golf course — yet another advantage of going to school in Durham. Whether people ran or walked, they all enjoyed a beautiful fall day and contributing to something bigger than themselves, which is something we try to do as a broader Fuqua community.

Fuqua students after running the AWIB 5K
Sarah Palestine and Emily White after finishing the 5k run!

Other activities for Fuqua students completely unrelated to recruiting or case studies involve: yoga every Tuesday, doubles tennis tournaments, intramural soccer and rugby, beer brewing classes, Fuqua Drag Show, Duke basketball and football, and rafting trips. If you’re a believer of the work hard, play hard philosophy, Fuqua is the right place for you. The range of clubs and interests within the student body is more diverse than anything I’ve ever encountered before, and never leaves a dull moment during the week. (And there is plenty of accounting and statistics to learn in your spare time!)